Microsoft is changing the Office game, find out how!

PowerPoint might be included in Office 2016, but everyone knows it’s so Office 2013.

These days it’s all about Sway — the first of many apps to be rolled out to Microsoft Office 365 subscribers.

To put it simply, Sway is a web browser-based storytelling app. It allows anyone with basic computing knowledge to create beautiful-looking websites and presentations with images, text, tweets, videos or whatever other media you would like to include, pretty neat hey?

It works a bit like Word and PowerPoint combined — and finished products can be used on websites to display company photos, or in a beautiful work presentation. When creating a new presentation, users begin with a blank page containing nothing more than a title card. From there, add raw content, such as photos or text, and either place it all where desired or use a template that does the work for you.

An impressive feature that sets this application apart from the tired and tested PowerPoint is its integration with popular social media networking sites. For the first time, users are able to import pictures from Facebook, videos from YouTube and other content without ever having to leave the Sway app!

Once happy with the content included, users can tweak its appearance by using the “Remix” feature. This will cycle the appearance of the presentation through the many templates available in the app.

Microsoft has completely embraced the cloud with Sway, with work available to view through a web browser on any device the moment its finished. The work can then be shared on social media or even embedded on other websites. Best of all, it’s all adaptive, which means that no matter what screen is used, it will always look good.


By ozhost

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