Why every business needs a domain name.

An online presence is crucial to the success of your business. Let’s face it, most us search online for local products and services, your clients aren’t any different. If you don’t have a business domain name, that means people are searching for — and not finding — your business online.

The first step to building your online presence is to secure a domain name. Domain names unique addresses, a bit like a street address for a website or home page — it’s how visitors find your website or email address. We can grantee you’ve seen them in either of the following forms before:

www.awesomeexample.com (Website) or [email protected] (Email)

Here’s what a domain name can do for your business:

Accessibility: Your business might only operate from 8 am to 5 pm, but a domain name is available 24/7 365-days a year. Chances are your customers are searching for you outside of business hours, after all, they work as well.

You can use your domain name to build a website that provides important information regarding your services/products as well as contact information such as phone number and location. You can even connect with customers personally through a blog (much like this one).

Professional Email:  Did you know that when you register a domain name, you can create custom email addresses? For example, if your site is AwesomeExample.com, then you can create email addresses like [email protected] Having your email address at your business name is much more professional than using a free email service such as Hotmail or Gmail.

Brand Protection: If you don’t register a domain name and create a site for your business, someone else might. In fact, we always recommend registering multiple domain names to ensure brand protection. You don’t want to get caught out owning the .com version of your domain but not the .com.au. An added bonus is that aliases can be set up so that if a customer searches for AwesomeExample.com they will be directed to AwesomeExample.com.au.

Don’t get left in the cyber dust! Register a domain name and get your business online today.
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By Ben Paterson

Ben currently looks after the marketing and content for OzHosting, helping small businesses easily create, manage and grow their endeavours online using OzHosting tools and products. He's passionate about entrepreneurship, meaningful user experiences, and Australia's small businesses.
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