Microsoft Partner Solution Case Study

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“The best-of-breed package around Office 365 is a key to our success. It’s a way to differentiate our offering, deliver the greatest value to customers, and drive maximum customer adoption and satisfaction.”
Anthony Banek, CEO, OzHosting

OzHosting sees CSP and Office 365 as the answer to its strategic needs. The company uses CSP to offer a comprehensive package of Office 365 and services for everything from backup and antivirus to onboarding and training. Sales are strong and margins are up, customers have increased their active use, and OzHosting gains competitive advantage from an offering so good, customers have no need to go anywhere else.

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Ben Paterson

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Ben currently looks after the marketing and content for OzHosting, helping small businesses easily create, manage and grow their endeavours online using OzHosting tools and products. He's passionate about entrepreneurship, meaningful user experiences, and Australia's small businesses.

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