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Application Hosting


Virtual Servers

We know Virtual Servers and we know how to support them 24×7, that’s why our Server accounts are growing like crazy.

Parallels Plesk Panel

Parallels Plesk Panel includes tools for preparing images, automatic reconfiguration to new environments (including KVM, XEN, VMware, Hyper-V), and optional automated delivery of a license into a new environment

Let your Application perform to its best

Your particular Application may have very specific requirements in terms of load, storage, backup, compute power and security. We can work with you to tune the infrastructure setup so that it works efficiently with your Application and can be replicated across our platform.

If you don’t have the internal resources for 24/7 application monitoring we can help there too. has sophisticated monitoring tools that will monitor key application scripts and alert you via an agreed contact method when there is a client-side failure. If it is appropriate we can also agree on a planned “fix” for particular “Application events” that we will implement on your behalf.

This Pro-active monitoring and management service can help you achieve 24/7 Up-time with minimal resources giving you the best application hosting services available.


As the experts in Cloud Hosting, we can help you seamlessly with your application hosting.

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