Full Service Digital Agency Hosting Without racks of servers

Digital Agency Hosting



Enterprise Virtual Servers at Small Business Prices on the platform built to perform


Reseller Hosting plans which are ideal for digital agencies who need to have multiple website and email hosting accounts.


The most widely used hosting control panel solution, with more than 250,000 Windows and Linux servers deployed.


We can help you host and manage WordPress, Joomla, Magento and any enterprise CMS


As the experts in Cloud Hosting, we can help you seamlessly set up your digital agency hosting.

Why choose us for your digital agency hosting

The full-service Digital Agency cannot be limited by infrastructure constraints. Your demanding clients expect that you stand up new services fast and integrate them with legacy applications.

Does this sound like your current digital agency hosting situation ?

OzHosting.com can help you deliver on the toughest client assignments because we have best-of-breed infrastructure and plenty of “canned solutions” ready to deploy.

So you want a Sitecore implementation with loads of RAM, MS SQL on standalone database Virtual Servers and Backup? If we agree over the morning latte we can have it provisioned by lunch time. Or a campaign is about to launch thousands of visitors at a promotional website? OzHosting.com can add computing resources in minutes and add extra bandwidth with minimal notice.

We support some of the most respected Digital Agencies in Australia and work hard to make them deliver extraordinary results.

You will need a registered domain name to build or upload a website to a hosting plan. Without a domain name there would be no way to access or lead to the information stored in your hosting account. Therefore, the hosting couldn’t function. If you need to register a domain, you can do so by clicking here.

Bandwidth is the monthly data transfer in/out of your website. Every time someone visits a page on your website, their web browser downloads that page’s content including all images.

Yes, we highly recommend that all websites are securely and regularly backed-up. As a result we offer a website backup tool that allows for your website to be backed up daily and easily restored when needed.

Yes, you are able to upgrade your digital agency hosting plan at any time if needed.
You are able to do so via your control panel or by contacting out team to complete the upgrade to your desired plan.

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