Managed Cloud for Virtual Servers

managed cloud for virtual servers







As the experts in virtual servers, we can help you seamlessly help you set up your managed virtual servers.

More details on our managed virtual servers

You Manage your Business; we will manage your Cloud. We provide a suite of support options across our Cloud, which include Monitoring, Operating System, Pro-active Support and Cloud Application Management. Talk to us about virtual server hosting management.

A proactive approach to Cloud Management delivers many benefits. First of all, it significantly improves the quality and most importantly improve response times to critical errors or incidents. Our approach is significantly different than other providers, no matter how quickly an Engineer responds to a customer inquiry, there is still a lag between the customer’s awareness of the problem and its resolution.

With Pro-active Cloud Management, we will know of any incident 24 x 7 which you define, you provide the specific action for our Cloud Engineers to perform in the event of a specific critical error or incident. We will action your request to remedy before alerting you via a phone call or other preferred method. This gives you peace of mind that 24 x 7 we are working to resolve your issue before you are even aware of it.

Pro-active Cloud Management Pro-active Cloud Management: $100.00 per Month

Our Managed Backup service delivers peace of mind and reduces your risk. Our Cloud Engineers will restore your data as quickly and completely as possible. It’s all about helping you reinforce the restoration of your data, while relieving you of the headache of building your own backup solution.

We can manage the entire backup solution for you—the initial setup, snapshots, configuration, tracking failures and even configuration changes. Data backups are performed from your server and put onto various media formats. All the while, our Cloud Engineers are available around the clock to monitor backup jobs, perform data restores, change configurations or answer any of your backup questions.

Managed Backup Managed Backup: $100.00 per Month

Having your business online every millisecond counts, you may miss that crucial order. Understanding your levels of up-time and performance requires real-time transparency into the inner workings of your servers and applications. Without this transparency it takes you longer to uncover the root cause of your problems and even longer to remedy them.

Cloud Monitoring from delivers a comprehensive, simple-to-use monitoring solution that delivers the transparency your business needs to quickly identify problems and speed you down the path to remedying them. From Availability Monitoring to Performance Monitoring to Application Monitoring, you’ll have all the tools you need to keep your website up and running at peak performance. And with advanced analytical and trending to help support capacity planning, you’ll also be able to leverage this solution to keep one step ahead of problems before they occur.

Cloud Monitoring Cloud Monitoring: $100.00 per Month

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