Managed Cloud for Website Hosting







As the experts in Cloud Hosting, we can help you seamlessly help you set up your managed managed website hosting.

Why choose us for managed cloud webiste hosting

You Manage your Business; we will manage your Cloud and website hosting. We provide a suite of support options across our Cloud, which include Monitoring, Operating System, Pro-active Support and Cloud Application Management.

Ever tried to move your website yourself? Was it painless? If not, we can help you get this task done quickly and easily. Our team will analyse your site before transfer to ensure our platform is compatible with any custom software you have installed. If your site is built using popular CMS’s such as WordPress, Joomla or Magento the migration process is alot simpler, which can reduce the migration time frame and fees.

Pro-active Cloud Management Website Migration per Website: Price on Application

A proactive approach to Cloud Management delivers many benefits. You Manage your Business; we will manage your Cloud. We understand most business owners don’t have time to learn how to use Control Panels, how to Add/Remove Users, Email Accounts, Add/Remove Websites. If you have our Cloud Hosting solution for just $6.00 per Website we can help you with these general Website Administrative tasks.

Pro-active Cloud Management Pro-active Cloud Management: $6.00 per Website

No risk of data loss. Our Cloud Engineers will restore your data as quickly and completely as possible, relieving you of the headache of building your own backup solution.

We can manage the entire backup solution for you, including the initial setup, snapshots, configuration, tracking failures and even configuration changes. Data backups are performed from your server and put onto various media formats. All the while, our Cloud Engineers are available around the clock to monitor backup jobs, perform data restores, change configurations and answer your backup questions.

Managed Backup Managed Backup: $100.00 per Month

Cloud Monitoring from delivers a comprehensive, simple-to-use monitoring solution that provides the transparency your business needs to quickly identify problems and speed you down the path to resolving them. With Availability Monitoring, Performance Monitoring and Application Monitoring, you’ll have all the tools you need to keep your website up and running at peak performance. And with advanced analytics and trending to help support capacity planning, you’ll also be able to leverage this solution to keep one step ahead of problems before they occur.

Cloud Monitoring Cloud Monitoring: $100.00 per Month

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