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As the experts in email hosting, we can assist you with your managed platform requirements. Talk to an an expert today..

More details on our managed cloud

You Manage your Business; we will manage your Cloud. We provide a suite of support options across our Cloud Applications, from Managing your Users, Remote configuration of Desktop, Email Protection Management, Backup and Archiving.

Our Mailbox Migration service is a complete Cloud-based migration solution that helps companies move from existing to our platform seamlessly. With no hardware or software to install, the patent pending technology is a solution designed to meet the needs of those interested in migrating mailboxes. Our tools are used in over 50 countries by global Fortune 500 organisations, governments, healthcare providers and more.

Supported Platforms we can migrate from:
Microsoft Exchange
Google Apps/Gmail (GAPE)
Novell GroupWise
VMware Zimbra Server
IBM Lotus Notes

Assisted mailbox migration: $50.00/mailbox

With’s Assisted Mailbox Setup, all new Microsoft Exchange customers have the opportunity to purchase expert help to remotely set up their email clients, smart phones and tablets. Based on the latest Microsoft Exchange Platform, customers can add Assisted Mailbox Setup to each new mailbox purchased to receive a 30 minute support session from’s technical service team. Assisted Mailbox Setup ensures that new clients have a hassle-free transition to their new mailbox.

Assisted Mailbox Setup: $25.00 per User

A proactive approach to Cloud Management delivers many benefits. First of all, it significantly improves the quality and most importantly improves the response times to critical errors, changes or incidents. With’s Pro-active Cloud Management for Email Hosting, we become your outsourced IT Manager in the Cloud.

Services are tailored to your needs with options including Initial Email Configuration, Email Protection Management, Password Changes, Adding/Removing Users, Remote Configuration/Assistance of devices such as Desktop, iPad, iPhone, Mailbox Permissions, Company Disclaimer, Meeting Room Management, Email Archiving/Retrieval and Backup Management.

Pro-active Cloud Management for Email Hosting Pro-active Cloud Management for Email Hosting: Price on Application

Managed Backup Managed Backup

Our Managed Backup service delivers peace of mind and reduces your risk. Our Cloud Engineers will restore your emails as quickly and completely as possible. It’s all about helping you reinforce the restoration of your data, while relieving you of the headache of building your own backup/archiving solution.

We can manage the entire backup solution for you including the initial setup, archives, configuration, tracking failures and even configuration changes. Email Data backups are performed from each of your Mailboxes to an independent data centre. All the while, our Cloud Engineers are available around the clock to monitor backup jobs, perform data restores, change configurations or answer any of your backup questions.

Our Backup service requires our Compliance – Archiving / Backup product which not only allows Backup and Restore of your Email data, but provides and essential Archiving tool for you to meet Global Compliance requirements. It is important to note, our Managed Backup service for Email Hosting does not do Tasks, Contacts or Calendars but only your essential Email items.

Managed Backup for Email Hosting Managed Backup for Email Hosting: Price on Application

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