What You Should Be Asking

In 2016 25,000 businesses were rendered inoperable due to ransomware making all records and systems inaccessible.

Automated network scanning now targets all businesses with an internet connection, looking for insecure access points such as old or unpatched operating systems whether they are Windows, Linux or Apple/Mac.

 Here are 5 questions you should ask about your IT System backup:

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1. Can you prove that recovery from backup will recover enough of your IT system to be fully operational again in 48 hours?

If your business was interrupted by complete IT system failure/loss, then every week taken to recover can reduce annual profits by half. It is vital that your backup is tested and proven to be able to adequately recover from data loss and system outage.

2. If your last “uncorrupted backup” is only 5 days old, do you still have a backup that you can recover to?

Often malware and ransomware injections are deliberately inactive whilst they find and infect all devices and backup storage on your network. Only then do they release their payload and disable business operations. A properly-configured backup system allows you to have plenty of “restore points” and with incremental backups, this does not consume much storage.

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Is Your Internet Connection Fast Enough to Perform a Full Recovery

3. If you have cloud backup, is your internet connection fast enough to perform a full recovery of necessary files within 48 hours?

Australia is poorly-served with high-speed internet, however many backup providers only offer data recovery via a network connection. It is vital that you know if the “choke-point” to getting your business operational is network speeds and what impact this might have.

4. If you have a cloud backup, can your backup service provider download your precious backups onto Hard Drives and courier them to you?

Can your system backup data be manually downloaded from the backup company’s Australian servers and couriered directly to you? If your business could not accept or fulfil any orders for one week; what would that cost your business? If you do not have a Cyber Insurance Policy, that cost is unlikely to be reimbursed by insurance.

OzHosting does download and courier backups to customers and customers that can recover from backup quickly are more likely to be able to insure against cyber-related business interruption.consequat.

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5. Can your backup software also identify a ransomware attack and halt it?

Whilst it’s important to have a robust backup capability, you must have many layers of protection. The Acronis backup service used on the Ozhosting backup platform will detect suspicious patterns such as encrypting multiple files on your company servers and workstations. The activity is then halted, can be reversed (recovered from backups automatically) and an alert sent to the client admin. This is vastly preferable to performing a backup recovery!


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