Features & Benefits

Superior Control of User Access:

Being in control starts with making sure your company’s information and files are kept safe and hosted on Australian shores.

With RushFiles you gain access to;

  • Individual permissions (including view, edit and share options),
  • centralised web-based management interface,
  • as well as user activity and file access reports.

Always Secure. Always Compliant:

Ensuring your folders and documents are secure and complaint is essential. On RushFiles, your data is stored in the secure NSW Government Data Centre MetroNode).

For users on the go, having the ability to access encrypted documents from a mobile device has never been easier. Business owners can sleep soundly knowing that remote wipe is only a click away when a device is lost or stolen.

Boost Productivity with Collaboration:

We believe in making the cloud easy to use and manage. File storage and sharing with RushFiles is changing the way businesses and teams across Australia collaborate.

With the ability for users to access files both on and off line as well as across multiple devices, it’s easy to boost your productivity without losing control of valuable company assets.

You can share files and folders with third parties (customers) and secure your data by setting access expiry dates, passwords or both.

RushFiles Pricing


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