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Zimbra Email: Seamless Collaboration and Productivity

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Email Integration

Streamline your business communication by managing all your emails in one place with Zimbra Email. Enjoy enhanced security, seamless archiving, and powerful automation to simplify your workflow.

Zimbra Network Edition 9

OzHosting provides a top-notch mail server for reliable Zimbra Email & Collaboration in Australia. Our high-performance Zimbra Email solutions offer improved efficiency, increased productivity, and robust security.

Zimbra to Zimbra Migration

Upgrade to Zimbra Email & Collaboration with OzHosting for a comprehensive email and collaboration system. Enjoy fast support services and more affordable prices. Chat with us about migrating today!

Affordable Pricing Plans for Every Business with Zimbra Email

Zimbra Email and Collaboration: Powering Seamless Communication and Productivity

Zimbra brings powerful collaboration to a flexible environment. Built on a unique and secure email platform where you can easily access everything you need to stay productive. Work seamlessly with your team, boost your productivity, and enjoy all the latest messaging features in one place.

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Lowest TCO In the Industry

Discover our Zimbra email data protection solution tailored to reduce total cost of ownership (TCO), enhance agility, and accelerate recovery.

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Scales From 10 To 10M Users

Zimbra’s unified communications platform uniquely scales from 10 to 10 million users, providing an easy and affordable solution for your entire organization.

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Secure Privacy

Zimbra Email empowers you to protect and manage your data securely, ensuring control and access from anywhere.

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99.98 SLA

Our 99.98 Service Level Agreement guarantees that you will have access to 24/7 technical assistance, as well as a friendly customer experience.

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Connect device from anywhere

Zimbra Email allows effortless storage and retrieval of your files from any location – be it home, office, or on the move. Enjoy access to your documents across all devices, whenever you need it.

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Open Core

Zimbra provides a comprehensive suite of services including secure email, calendaring, and web collaboration tools. It empowers users with the capability to manage their services as they need.

Upgrade or Migrate to Zimbra 9.0 Now!

Upgrade your Zimbra 7.x, 8.x, or 9.0 email and collaboration suite to the latest stable version of Zimbra 9 with our comprehensive migration package. Enjoy a modern user interface, faster response times, and a seamless experience across all your devices.

Features Zimbra 9.0

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Modern, Responsive UI

Zimbra’s modern and responsive user interface provides a modern look and feel across devices, including tablet and smartphones.

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Getting more done is simple with a ton of integrations and add-ons for your favorite apps, like Slack, Zoom, and much more.

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Zimbra Drive

Seamlessly integrate your file storage into the Zimbra Web Client for easy access to the files and folders you need.

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Zimbra Zimlets are a new framework providing extensibility to meet geographic or industry-specific requirements and being easier to build and deploy.

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Zimbra Server Infrastructure

Secure your Zimbra email with our comprehensive services, ensuring that your data remains private, easily accessible, and reliably available whenever you need it most.

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Easy Upgrade

Upgrade seamlessly from any previous version to leverage our latest Zimbra Email features. Our team is ready to support you throughout the upgrade process, ensuring a smooth transition from our email solution.

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Zimbra Connect

Zimbra Connect version 8.8.15 offers enterprise chat, video calls, and file sharing. It integrates seamlessly with Zimbra Network Edition, providing per-user licenses for individual and team collaboration, including voice, video conferencing, and screen sharing.

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Mobile Sync

Effortlessly sync Zimbra data with your mobile device via Exchange ActiveSync. Manage Calendar, Contacts, and Email seamlessly while on the go.

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Zimbra Docs

Maximize productivity with Zimbra Docs, enabling seamless creation and collaboration on documents, spreadsheets, and presentations directly within the Zimbra Web Client.

Zimbra Business Plus

$ 4.50

Per Month
  • POP & IMAP E-mail
  • 10GB/user
  • Calendar
  • Zimbra Connect
  • + Spam Filtering $40.00/ domain – 100 users per month*
  • +10GB – $1.50/month*

$48.00 Per User/Year Inc GST, 12-month Commitment Upfront*

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Zimbra Network Standard

$ 8.50

Per Month
  • POP & IMAP E-mail
  • 15GB/user
  • Calendar
  • Zimbra Connect
  • Advanced Search
  • Offline Web Clients (Chrome & Firefox)
  • + SPAM Filtering $40.00/domain per month*
  • + 10GB – $1.50/month*

$96.00 Per User/Year Inc GST, 12-month Commitment Upfront*

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Zimbra Network ProfessionalMost Popular

$ 9.50

Per Month
  • POP & IMAP E-mail
  • 25GB/user
  • Calendar
  • Zimbra Connect
  • Advanced Search
  • Offline Web Clients (Chrome & Firefox)
  • More Additional Features
  • + SPAM Filtering $40.00/domain per month*
  • + 10GB – $1.50/month*

$98.00 Per User/Year Inc GST, 12-month Commitment Upfront*

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Zimbra Features

EmailZimbra Business PlusZimbra Network StandardZimbra Network Professional
Advanced Search
Conversation Views
Offline Web Clients (Chrome & Firefox)
Attachment Search
Personal Distribution Lists
Global Address Lists (GAL)
MS Exchange Interoperability
Calendar Feature
Group & Resource Scheduling
Tasks Feature
Sharing Folders & Files
Zimbra Connect
Monthly$3.00 per month$3.00 per month$3.00 per month
Annually$2.50 per month$2.50 per month$2.50 per month
1-to-1 Chat (Zimbra to Zimbra)
Desktop Clients
Outlook for Windows (MAPI)
Outlook for Mac (EWS)
Mobile Devices
Zimbra Mobile (ActiveSync)
Admin Console
Domain Management & Customization
Multi-Domain Support
Domain Limitations (Users / COS / Quota)
Monthly Activity Reports
Delegated Admin Audit Log Browser
Per Domain White Label Web Client Branding
Advanced, Business-Ready Features
Custom Retention Policies
Litigation Hold
Archiving & Discovery
S/MIME Digital Signatures & Encryption
Two-Factor Authentication
High-Fidelity Document Preview
Classification Tags
Shared Items Sync on Zimbra Mobile

Sync your Zimbra data with other devices.

With the Exchange ActiveSync protocol, all Zimbra email data is seamlessly synced with our cloud servers. This ensures that your Zimbra emails, contacts, and calendar events are always available at your fingertips, whether you’re using a tablet or smartphone. Enjoy the convenience of having your Zimbra email data readily accessible anytime, anywhere.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Zimbra Email & Collaboration?

Zimbra Collaboration stands as the foremost open-source messaging and collaboration platform globally, with a solid reputation among 5,000+ enterprises and public sector clients. It serves a vast user base exceeding 500 million individuals spanning across 130 countries. Zimbra offers a comprehensive suite of features, encompassing email, contacts, calendar, file sharing, tasks, and chat, all accessible through the Zimbra Web client on any device or compatible email client. You have the flexibility to deploy Zimbra either through a traditional on-premises installation or via a certified Zimbra hosting provider.

What Is The Process For Migrating Other Emails to Zimbra Email & Collaboration?

If you’re considering transitioning from alternative email platforms such as G-Suite, Microsoft Exchange, Round Cube, Diamond, or similar options, you can rely on the expert support team at Ozhosting to handle the migration process for you. The duration of the migration process will be determined by the volume of your data storage, and rest assured, it won’t be a lengthy endeavor.

What Are The Benefits Choose OzHosting Zimbra Email & Collaboration?

  • a Gold Partner Zimbra Email & Collaboration In Australia so you will get a more affordable price.
  • If your company uses Zimbra Open Source Edition, your mail server will use Data Center | Equinix SY6 in Australia.
  • Extra Spam Filtering to protect your mail server.
  • Open-source messaging and collaboration solution with full-featured email, calendar, contacts, file-sharing, tasks and chat.
  • Save up to 50% versus Microsoft Exchange, due to savings on licensing, hardware and operations support for virtualization on XenServer, KVM, and vSpher.
  • Flexible deployment: on-prem, cloud or hosted.
  • Satisfy data sovereignty requirements.
  • Dedicated and multi-tenant features.
  • Rich and consistent experience across multiple platforms.
  • Powerful search capabilities.
  • Sync shared items to mobile devices.