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Need an IT guy in the sky?
Let us manage your VPS.

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Pro-Active Cloud

A proactive approach to cloud management significantly improves response times to critical errors or incidents.

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Managed Cloud

Now that we can see where your site is lacking, let our engineers take care of the steps involved to get your website back on track.

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Cloud Server

Simple-to-use monitoring solution that quickly identifies problems and speeds you down the path to remedying them.

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Less time with your server.
More time growing your business.

You manage your business; we will manage your Cloud. We provide a suite of support options across our Cloud, which include Monitoring, Operating System, Pro-active Support and Cloud Application Management. Talk to us about virtual server hosting management.


Rest easy knowing that you’re
business is supported 24/7.

With Pro-active Cloud Management, we will know of any incident 24/ 7 which you define, you provide the specific action for our Cloud Engineers to perform in the event of a specific critical error or incident. We will action your request to remedy before alerting you via a phone call or other preferred method. This gives you peace of mind that 24/7 we are working to resolve your issue before you are even aware of it.

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Let us know what you need.
We’ll provide a free quote.

Let us know what you need.
We’ll provide a free quote.

With thousands of customers
See why they choose us.

What is the cost for server management?

When it comes to server management, not two customer’s needs are alike. This is why we request that you contact our engineers to discuss your server and the tasks that will be needed.

Our server management solutions typically start from $150.00/month, but it’s best to discuss with our team to get an accurate quote.

The tasks included in our server management solutions can differ from customer to customer based on their requirements. However, the most common task included operating system management/updates, software updates, backup management and cloud monitoring.

Discuss your needs with our team to receive a quote for the services you need.

In short, no. This service is designed for our team to take care of the management of your virtual server. The management of your server contents such as your hosted applications or websites will still need to be administered by yourself or an appointed user.

Talk to our team about our remote desktop licenses for virtual servers.

Why should I consider cloud monitoring?

Having your website online every millisecond of the day could be vital for your business. Any downtime may result in you missing that crucial order, or having a potential customer view your site. Understanding your levels of up-time and performance requires real-time transparency into the inner workings of your servers and applications. Without this transparency it takes you longer to uncover the root cause of your problems and even longer to remedy them.

Let us know what you need.
We’ll provide a free quote.

Every Aussie business is unique and so are your server management needs. As a result, we offer free quotes on VPS management costs based on what you need assistance with. Take the weight of your VPS off your shoulders and click below for a free quote.


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