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Manage storage, organize, share, and protect files with all the features you need to get work done with Rushfiles Pro.

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Unlimited users

Let your users upload as many files as they want.

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User Friendly

User-friendly interface, versatile storage solutions, and support for a diverse array of file formats.

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Cost Effective

An excellent choice for businesses requiring seamless file sharing and robust, secure data storage solutions.

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Local File Structure on Desktop

A local modern file manager for Windows and Mac with powerful features to increase productivity.

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Save Diskspace on Your PC

Save diskspace on your devices or computers by selecting and downloading only the data you need.

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Active Directory Integration

RushFiles Pro is a comprehensive solution for managing and securing user accounts, passwords, and access rights.

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Create Shareable Links

Share-Links are designed to make it easier to collaborate with others, both inside and outside the organisation

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Mobile Device File Sharing

Upload, download and share across all your devices, with Andriod and iOS applications while on the go.

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Secure Sharing & Data Storage

A great option for businesses that need secure file sharing and data storage, while being hosted locally here in Australia.

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File Version Controls

Grant sharing permission to files or folders by setting the specified access level across different users in your organisation.

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Available in Many Languages

We offer Rushfiles Pro in Many languages to assist businesses with all different types of backgrounds.

Rushfiles Pro is the first multi-tier cloud platform for file sharing and storage.

Admin Functions

  • User Setting
  • Group Setting
  • Check Access Services & Device Use Blocking Access
  • Check Login History
  • Set the Number of Days to Save Logs (Up To 999 Days)
  • Managing Sharing Control & Permission
  • Manage User Activity Log

Data Protection

  • Data Storage Located in Australia
  • File Recovery (Unlimited Capacity)
  • Password Protected
  • Shareable Link
  • Expiration Date Setting for Shareable Link
  • Remote Deletion of Data on Devices
  • Unlimited File Size

System Support

  • By Phone
  • By Chat
  • By Email
  • 24/7 Emergency Support Service

Important tips from our CEO. CEO, Doug Endersbee shares a few important tips for moving your file server to the cloud. Watch our 3-minute video, designed to help you on your way. If you have any further questions about our file storage and sharing solution please don’t hesitate to start a chat or give us a call.

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Rushfiles ProAnnual Pricing - Recommended

$ 200.00

Month Inc GST
    • 1Tb (1,024Gb) of Storage
    • Unlimited Internal Users
    • Unlimited External Users
    • 256-bit AES and SSL/TLS encryption
    • Remote device wipe
    • Private Encryption Key
    • Version History & File Recovery
    • 100% Australian Hosted
    • + Additional Storage $50.00/200Gb

    Try FREE for 30-days

Assisted Setup

$ 75.00

One-off per account Inc GST
    • Individual User Setup
    • External User Setup
    • RushFiles Pro Config
    • Desktop Client Setup
    • Smart Phone Client Setup
    • Dashboard Training
    • User Creation Training
    • Share Creation Training
    • Permissions Setup Training

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Increase your productivity with Rushfiles Pro.

RushFiles Pro offers a comprehensive cloud storage solution, empowering you to effortlessly manage, insert, and highlight your preferred files, ensuring seamless organization in a single, user-friendly platform.



Perfromance Cost

Contact Terms

Unlimited number of users

Fee Structure

Capacity Billing

Storage Capacity

1 TB

Money-Back Guarantee

Ease of use

File Operations on Desktop

File Versioning

Edit Lock

Edit Office Files in Browser

File Search

File Size Limit


Smartphone App - both Android & iOS


ID/Password Authentication

MFA/2FA (Multi/Two-factor Authentication)

Encrypted Communication

Data Center Location

Rushfiles Pro Is a Critical Tool that helps with Efficiency across Multiple Markets and Industries.


RushFiles Pro is the ultimate field solution tool for the building & construction industry. Upload & access work documents in the field to save time & increase productivity.


You are in control with RushFiles Pro secure logins, folder permissions, and sharing controls. All are locally hosted on our platform to be always available whenever you need it.


With RushFiles Pro your data is stored on our servers in the cloud, you can share, check, upload & download all your updated files from anywhere & at any time.


The user-friendly interface makes it easy for the staff to make the most of their resources. It is available on any device, making it easy to access and update files wherever you are.


RushFiles Pro emerges as a versatile field solution tool, catering to various industries by providing robust features such as cloud management, resell storage capabilities, and advanced file storage solutions. Streamline your operations and boost productivity effortlessly by uploading and accessing essential documents in the field. As a flexible alternative to conventional platforms like Dropbox, RushFiles Pro is designed to meet the diverse needs of different sectors beyond construction.

  • Versatile Cloud Management: Effectively streamline project workflows with RushFiles Pro’s comprehensive cloud management capabilities.
  • Optimized File Storage: Ensure seamless access to and secure storage of crucial construction documents, minimizing delays and maximizing efficiency.
  • Tailored Resell Storage Solutions: Benefit from the option to resell storage space, providing a valuable resource for optimizing storage needs and potentially generating additional revenue.
  • Efficient File Management: Organize, share, and manage project files effortlessly, enhancing collaboration and reducing the complexity of document handling.
  • Alternative to Traditional Platforms: Choose RushFiles Pro as a flexible alternative to conventional platforms like Dropbox, offering specialized features designed to meet the unique demands of the construction industry.
  • Adaptable to Various Industries: Beyond construction, leverage RushFiles Pro’s capabilities for diverse sectors, including telcos and insurance, ensuring a versatile and scalable solution for varied business needs.
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Empower development and design teams with RushFiles Pro’s robust cloud management features, facilitating seamless collaboration and version control.

  • Secure File Storage: Safeguard project files and design assets with reliable and secure file storage options, ensuring the integrity and confidentiality of sensitive data.
  • Tailored Resell Storage Solutions: Explore the flexibility of reselling storage, allowing development and design businesses to optimize resource allocation and potentially generate additional revenue streams.
  • Efficient File Management: Enhance project efficiency through efficient file management tools, enabling easy organization, sharing, and collaboration on design assets and development documents.
  • Alternative to Traditional Platforms: Choose RushFiles Pro as a versatile alternative to conventional platforms, providing specialized features that cater specifically to the unique needs of development and design teams.
  • Scalable Across Industries: Beyond its application in development and design, leverage RushFiles Pro for a variety of industries, adapting its capabilities to meet the evolving requirements of businesses across different sectors.
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Facilitate efficient collaboration and project coordination in the manufacturing sector with RushFiles Pro’s powerful cloud management features.

  • Secure File Storage: Safeguard critical manufacturing documents, CAD designs, and production data with secure and reliable file storage, ensuring data integrity and confidentiality.

  • Resell Storage Flexibility: Optimize resource usage by exploring the option to resell storage, providing a tailored solution for manufacturing businesses to manage their storage needs effectively.
  • Enhanced File Management: Improve workflow efficiency through advanced file management tools, simplifying the organization, sharing, and collaborative efforts on manufacturing-related documents and designs.
  • Alternative to Traditional Platforms: Embrace RushFiles Pro as a flexible alternative to conventional platforms, offering specialized features designed to meet the unique demands of the manufacturing industry.
  • Cross-Industry Scalability: Beyond manufacturing, scale RushFiles Pro across various industries, adapting its capabilities to meet the dynamic requirements of businesses in different sectors.

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Strengthen collaboration and data accessibility in the healthcare sector with RushFiles Pro’s powerful cloud management capabilities, ensuring secure access to medical records and files.

  • Secure File Storage: Safeguard patient information, medical records, and sensitive healthcare data through RushFiles Pro’s secure and reliable file storage solutions, prioritizing data confidentiality and compliance.
  • Tailored Resell Storage Options: Optimize resource allocation with the ability to resell storage, offering a customizable solution for healthcare organizations to manage their storage requirements effectively.
  • Efficient File Management: Improve workflow efficiency by utilizing advanced file management tools, simplifying the organization, sharing, and collaboration on healthcare-related documents and records.
  • Alternative to Conventional Platforms: Choose RushFiles Pro as a flexible alternative to traditional platforms, providing specialized features designed to meet the unique demands and regulatory requirements of the healthcare industry.
  • Cross-Sector Scalability: Extend the benefits of RushFiles Pro to various sectors within healthcare, such as clinics, hospitals, and research institutions, ensuring adaptability to the diverse needs of the healthcare landscape.
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Stay Productive Wherever you are with Rushfiles Pro.

Connect and work from any device thanks to the RushFiles Pro dashboard. Your new file storage portal is now simpler than ever. Allowing you to sync your data, view logs and manage users in one easy-to-use portal.

Enjoy superior control of user access with Rushfiles Pro.

With RushFiles you gain access to; Individual permissions (including view, edit and share options), a centralised web-based management interface and user activity and file access reports.

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Will my Rushfiles Pro trial automatically renew at full price?

No. Our free trial offers are set to expire after 30 days. Throughout your trial period, we will be in touch to offer assistance and provide tips on using this service. Prior to the service expiration, we will contact you to see if you would like to move forward.

Please note: Once the trial has expired, data will be permanently removed from the service. Approval for renewal will need to be given prior to expiration to ensure no loss of data.


Doug Endersbee |

Doug Endersbee
Director / CEO

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Frequently Asked Questions

How many users can I Have On Rushfiles Pro?

RushFiles Pro allows you to set up an unlimited amount of users. Making it the perfect solution for Aussie businesses who need to securely share files with multiple staff, customers, contractors and suppliers.

Why Should I Move My File To The Cloud?

Moving your important files to the cloud can seem like a daunting task. In truth, it has never been easier and more secure to make the change. Managing your files in the cloud can drastically reduce your operating costs and simplify your business workflows.

Do I Have Access To Any Audit Log or Reports?

Yes. RushFiles Pro provides you, the admin, with the ability to perform audits. These include user operation journals, login history, file & folder events (such as; upload, download & delete history) and public folder/link event history.

Which Devices Support Rushfiles Pro?

Which Devices Support Rushfiles Pro?