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Get the jump on your competitors.
Boost your website’s performance.

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Industry Accredited
Performance Review

Let our engineers assess the current performance of your website. Using industry-leading tools we determine high priority fixes.

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Expert Assistance
with Performance Fixes

Now that we can see where your site is lacking, let our engineers take care of the steps involved to get your website back on track.

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Expert Help
& Support

Our expert team of hosting, email & cloud gurus are available to assist you with anything you may require. Drop past our helpdesk for more info.

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Scan, review and report.

Each website is different and some need more attention than others. Our industry-leading scans are able to determine the pain points of your website’s current performance. Giving both you and our team insight into what needs to be done next.


Time to polish your site and
boost its performance.

Once we’ve completed our reviews, provided you with a quote and received the green light, it’s time to get cracking. The most common tasks required to boost website performance include setting expiration/cache rules as well as enabling compression. Once our team have finished we’ll provide updated reviews, though we are sure you’ll be able to see the result for yourself.

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Let us review the performance
of your website for free.

Let us review the performance
of your website for free.

With thousands of customers
See why they choose us.

What’s included in a website performance boost?

Unfortunately, with so many factors that can cause low performance of your site. It’s best to have our team scan your website for free and let you know what needs to be done.

The most common tasks we perform include enabling site-wide compression, optimizing images and content, setting expiration/cache rules and typically a review of the hosting web-space.

If you’re an OzHosting customer, be assured that your hosting solution is optimized for performance. The key factors in a website’s performance include the code, content and any potential malware that may have been injected.

A quick scan is able to determine what is causing the low performance of your website.

Yes, this is correct. We recommend the use of a content delivery network (CDN) for both performance and security purposes. If required, our team can have your site setup using CloudFlare, the industry leader in CDN.

CloudFlare offers both a free-to-use solution or paid version. These are typically sourced separately, but our team will advise on the best option for your website.

Why should I consider my website’s performance?

Your website is your best online asset and in a way your top employee. It works 24/7 and is constantly greeting and assisting your customers. Ensuring your site is running to the best of its ability is essential for business growth and customer satisfaction.

Looking to boost your ranking in Google’s search results? Having an optimized website is vital for SEO. Google only wants the best websites, offering the best customer experience at the top of the ladder.

Let us review the performance
of your website for free.

Every Aussie business is unique and so is your website. As a result, we offer a free scan of your business website before providing you with a quote for the performance tasks that need to be completed.


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