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Microsoft 365 Security

With the times ever-changing and working from home becoming the new norm. We need to be more vigilant than ever around your Online Security and safeguard your business from hackers and online attacks.

Did you know?

300% Increase in ransomware attacks.
Ransomware is a common threat to small businesses, which make up one-half to three-quarters of the victims. Overall ransomware attacks are up almost 300% in the past year.

60% of affected small businesses are taken offline.
Over 60% of small businesses experiencing a cyberattack were left unable to operate. Stay online by adopting comprehensive security with automation to rapidly detect and respond to threats.

$120K is the average cost to businesses.
It’s estimated that a business’s average cost of a data breach is $120K. You don’t need to compromise just because you’re a small business – security that keeps you productive is a critical investment.

As email is the lifeblood of most businesses, being the primary form of communication. It is imperative that you do all you can to protect your business and your clients.

At OzHosting, we are more concerned than ever that a lot of our customers don’t have any “security policies” enabled on the Microsoft 365 exchange email accounts. These policies/services help to minimise the current risk facing your business.

It is a common misconception among most of our customers that just having their email hosted on Microsoft’s 365 Exchange email platform alleviates the need to address these issues.

OzHosting Case Study: –

One that still sticks in my mind to this day is one of our customer’s emails being hacked with a Phishing attack.

Essentially the hacker gained access to the mailbox and sent new bank details to all his customers and asked them to make payments into the fraudulent account. The time of this attack was calculated, as our customer had sent invoices out to all his clients on Friday afternoon as he was wrapping up a big project.

Our customer caught it fairly quickly on “Monday morning”. As he noticed he didn’t get any emails over the weekend but did confirm that a couple of his customers had already made payments to the amount of $150,000.00 to the fraudulent account.

The suspect hackers would have compromised the account or email a few months earlier and monitored the activity until the time was right.

Microsoft Case Study: –

Microsoft is continuously publishing articles like the below to bring awareness to small businesses at are currently at risk.
A key takeout from the article is “The group’s standard methodology is to encrypt all files on the target device and use the file extension .h0lyenc, send the victim a sample of the files as proof, and then demand payment in Bitcoin in exchange for restoring access to the files”.

This is a very common ‘Ransomware’ Attack.

Solutions: –

Contact the OzHosting team to discuss options on how to better protect your business today!

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