OzHosting.com opened its New Data Centre Facility in Northern Sydney in February 2012.

This facility is a Tier 2 centre in addition to OzHosting.com’s Melbourne facility which is a 4 Mva facility located in downtown Melbourne. Purpose built in 1998 the facility has the capacity to accommodate over 400 racks on 1000m2 of raised floor. Dual A&B power feeds from redundant power boards and UPS serve each rack. 18 process coolers are configured for redundancy.

This new centre will support their new infrastructure platforms which include – Microsoft Exchange 2010 and Cloud Infrastructure Platform.

Our new Cloud Infrastructure Platform enables Small Business access to Enterprise Cloud without the overheads. The Cloud Infrastructure virtual data centre consists of a set of virtual machines and containers connected by a virtual LAN and enhanced with load-balancing capabilities and firewall protection. It can be used as is out of the box, or your customers’ developers can use it’s APIs to add business logic and other company-specific features similar to Amazon Services but at a fraction of the cost.


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