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Why Australian Businesses are Dropping U.S. File Sharing & Switching to RushFiles

Using new technology to make a business more efficient is just common sense. As owners and managers, you are constantly looking for new ways to use tech to your advantage and to become more productive.

Now, storing and sharing your business files, precious photos & important documents in the cloud is nothing new. Businesses have been using cloud file sharing services such as DropBox, GoogleDrive & OneDrive since the mid-2000’s. But apart from making file sharing simpler what do these services have in common?

Yep, you’ve got it. They are all hosted and managed in the US of A. Meaning your Australian documents, for your Australian business, regarding your Australian customers, aren’t even stored in our sunburnt country.

So, why should you join thousands of other Aussie businesses and start hosting your data right here? In short;

  1. Your industry may legally require your data to be hosted in Australia – This is a big one!
  2. Faster speeds when uploading, downloading & file sharing with others. Efficient productivity & collaboration is key.

Makes sense, but what is RushFiles?

I’m glad you asked! RushFiles is a file sharing & storage solution hosted right here in Australia (our Sydney, NSW data centre to be more exact). Similar to its US counterparts, the service provides businesses with the opportunity to streamline productivity amongst teams & users, as well as securely store files in the cloud.

Apart from ensuring your business is fully compliant, the service also provides users with the ability to:

  • Setup unlimited users (both internal & external)
  • Access their data from anywhere at any time with seamless collaboration
  • Review previous file history & recover if needed
  • Quickly wipe a user’s device of business data remotely
  • Generate private encryption keys to further secure your data

As you can see, RushFiles is a pretty comprehensive tool for your business. The best part is, it is incredibly simple to use.

But don’t take my word for it ask our team for a free trial today and see for yourself.

Have questions? Give us a call to discuss on (02) 8916 2100 or start a live chat.


Feature Image by: Christopher Burns via Unsplash

PS. It’s always important to remember that whatever file storage & sharing product you use, it’s not an effective or suitable backup solution. Hit the link below to learn more about backing up your business and how we can help protect your data.

Click here to view a guide on backing up your business in 2018.

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