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Ransomware: How cloud backup could have rescued the Cadbury factory

Earlier this week Cadbury fell victim to the latest strain of ransomware attacks to plague globe.

Reports are emerging stating that production of the Tasmanian chocolate factory was halted at around 9:30pm after the computer system was brought down by a cyberattack known as Petya.

The image below (supplied to the ABC) shows the message displayed on the computer screens at the Cadbury factory:

(Pictured: A Cadbury computer under ransomware attack. View Source)

“Perhaps you are busy looking for a way to recover your files, but don’t waste your time.”

In a statement provided by Cadbury’s parent company Mondelez International have confirmed that they “do not know when our systems will be restored”.

“Our teams are working offline in an effort to maintain business continuity with our customers and consumers around the world. We will share updates with our suppliers and partners as they become available.”

“At this time, we do not know when our systems will be restored but we appreciate everyone’s patience, understanding and partnership during this process.”

How could have Cadbury prevented this kind of attack?

With continued increases in ransomware modifications, this threat is constantly evolving and taking on new forms and attributes making it difficult for users to protect themselves from these attacks.

The best methods include for protection; ensuring that all programs and anti-virus software on your device are running the latest versions, as outdated programs and applications can leave holes in your system easily accessible by cyber criminals. We find that the best solution is ensuring that you always have a recent backup of your device or data to restore to if needed.

For this we recommend a cloud based solution (hosted in a secure location). A solution such as this allows for the quick and easy restore of your data when lost.

Many Australian businesses we talk to currently backup their devices to external hard drives or USB devices which are not always reliable when it comes to recovery. This is why a cloud based solution is vital. View our guide to best backup practices here.

Ask out team how cloud backup can help protect your business against ransomware threats.

It is important to note: You should never submit and pay an attackers ransom as there is no guarantee that your files or system will be restored to you and as some unlucky customers have found, the authorities are virtual powerless to track these attacks and assist.

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