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The Iconic, a major player in online retail, is committed to reimbursing customers impacted by recent online security breaches that resulted in financial losses. Numerous customers reported various hacking attempts and security breaches, leading to unauthorized and fraudulent orders being placed, leaving individuals financially affected.

The brand acknowledged a notable increase in ‘credential stuffing,’ a targeted cyber attack method employed by hackers. In this type of attack, stolen usernames and passwords, typically acquired through previous data breaches, are used to infiltrate and gain unauthorized access to customer accounts on different platforms.

An Iconic spokesperson has assured customers that the company is actively collaborating with those affected to address these incidents promptly, with a commitment to issuing timely refunds.

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The Iconic, Australia’s largest online retailer, is actively addressing unauthorized access attempts, canceling fraudulent orders, and committing to full refunds for affected customers. The company, known for its rapid shipping, lenient return policy, and frequent sales, has faced backlash on social media and forums as customers express frustrations over compromised accounts and lack of response. Some reported unauthorized purchases, changed account details, and difficulties in reaching customer support. The situation prompted the brand to send an email to customers, advising them to change passwords for enhanced security against breaches.

A spokesperson for The Iconic reported a rise in fraudulent account login attempts and emphasized the importance of customer vigilance in managing account security. The company is actively addressing the increased fraudulent activity, collaborating with security partners to safeguard customer data. The spokesperson reassured customers of their commitment to prioritizing the security of customer information and ongoing efforts to combat fraudulent activities.


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