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The cloud has the potential to drive positive financial and operational results for SMB’s that are willing to make the commitment. Mobility, flexibility and scalability are just a few of the benefits that are driving SMB’s to re-think their IT strategy and to create competitive innovation in their industries.

We believe that information technology will be a key aspect of SMB’s growth strategy in 2013, and cloud computing will be the enabling technology to help them achieve sustainable long-term growth.

The latest findings of Parallels SMB Cloud Insights™ for Australia point to Australian SMB’s as lagging behind the rest of the developed world in terms of adoption of cloud-based services. The survey details how only 15 percent of Australian SMB’s are using hosted servers compared to the global average of 20 percent of SMB’s in other developed countries.

We aim to help change that statistic and to enable SMB’s in Australia to shift to a cloud-based infrastructure in a cost-effective and easy manner. Following a successful transition in October 2011, we have continued to serve Australian businesses with a renewed sense of focus, direction and commitment, thus enabling them to embrace cloud services which are low-cost yet with a highly scalable infrastructure.

By making their cloud journey as smooth as possible, we ensure successful outcomes for our customers. We’re proud that our ongoing efforts have been recognised and we’ve been nominated as a finalist in the Fourth Annual Global Parallels Partner Awards 2013 under Excellence in Innovation this year atParallels Summit 2013. The summit will be held in Vegas in February. The award category recognises a partner who has demonstrated innovative use of Parallels technologies in the areas of services, marketing and technical creativity.

A recent example of our innovative solution is Cloud Hosting & Reseller Hosting. Tailored to the needs of Web Developers and Designers, Cloud Hosting features the latest Web technologies, high performance, enhanced Web presence tools, with the benefits of local infrastructure and our Next Generation Network. This flexibility allows them to offer tailored plans and features, sell unlimited individual plans and an unlimited number of websites, providing maximum value.

Many organisations offer cloud services, but we make the journey easy for them. We give them a solution which is easy to administer, cost effective and has the ability to white label if necessary.

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