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UPDATE: Binge has rebutted any connection to the security breach and reassured customers that there has been no compromise of credit card details.

A coordinated cyber attack has targeted numerous Australian customers of major businesses such as BINGE, Event Cinemas, Dan Murphy’s, and Guzman Y Gomez. Differing from recent breaches at Medibank and Optus, this attack utilized a method called ‘credential stuffing,’ where cybercriminals use previously stolen passwords to gain unauthorized access to online user accounts, leading to fraudulent purchases.

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The same tactic was recently employed on customers of THE ICONIC, impacting around 15,000 individuals in this case. Prime Minister Anthony Albanese strongly condemned the attack, describing it as a “scourge” that exploits vulnerable individuals acting in good faith.

Regarding the breach, Cybersecurity Minister Clare O’Neil emphasized the shared responsibility for cybersecurity. She urged Australians and businesses to remain vigilant against credential stuffing threats, advising consumers to adopt strong and unique passphrases for different accounts. O’Neil also recommended enabling multifactor authentication as a precautionary measure.

To enhance security against credential stuffing attacks, the Australian Cyber Security Centre recommends implementing two-step verification. While an additional step may seem inconvenient initially, it serves as a crucial safeguard, preventing potential hours spent on regaining account access and mitigating the consequences of data theft.

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