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Simple & Automated Website Backups with Dropmysite

At OzHosting we know how vital your website is to the growth and sustainability of your business!

Your website may have been created many years ago and is now the accumulation of countless edits and additions to content.
That makes it very valuable, particularly when you add the cost of its creation to the cost of all the amendments!

So, how well are you protecting this investment?
If it was compromised 15 days ago, could you recover a complete copy of the last “good” version from 16 days ago?
If you cannot answer “yes!” to that question, read on… have have teamed up with the good people at Dropmysite to provide a service where you can do exactly that; recover your complete website files from a choice of multiple restore points.

Dropmysite provides a simple and easy to use interface for users to back-up your website and database. To back-up your website, all you need to do is enter your FTP or SFTP details and backups will be scheduled on a daily basis, how easy is that?

Databases can also be backed up by providing the hostname and the database username and password to connect to the server. Daily backups of the database will be taken to ensure you never lose your data again, and yes Dropmysite support MySQL Servers making it 100% compatible with your current OzHosting hosting plan.

“If my website goes down, is it difficult to retrieve my files from Dropmysite?”

Not difficult at all, Dropmysite has an easy to use one-click download feature that lets you access your back-up anytime and anywhere. Website backups are available as zipped files using the tar format for easy migration to any compatible web-hosting platform. Retrieving lost data or website files has never been simpler! This is a the perfect solution for businesses of all sizes and markets, from water coolers to cloud solutions you will see the benefits.

“Are my files secure with Dropmysite?”

Of course! Dropmysite pays special attention to ensure that your backups are secure while backing up and when stored on our servers. Dropmysite ensures that the connection to your database is secure and all the backup data is encrypted using AES 256 encryption block cipher on servers we have located in a separate data centre to our website hosting platform. Both data centres are in Sydney.

“Can Set This Up for me?”

If your website is hosted with us, then yes we can and it only costs $25 to set up and can then tick over for just $3.00/month.

If not hosted with us we need the login credentials for your website, the setup cost is $35 and will take a little longer to complete.

10,000+ Australian Businesses trust OzHosting.

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