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Supercharge Your Office 365 Search with Advanced Search

Finding important data across all the various systems, products and places your data is stored can be extremely difficult, or impossible. At times, it can be like finding a needle in a haystack!

First, the ever-increasing flood of new data forces you to store ever larger amounts of information. Second, data is typically stored in multiple systems, across multiple products, in multiple locations making it difficult figure out where the data is actually held.

So, what’s the simplest way to find important data? The advanced search feature now included in our Office 365 backup product.

Now, this advanced search function It does more than simply allow users to search the sender/recipient and subject of the email message; it allows for searches across the Office 365 ecosystem. Outlook or Exchange emails, files, attachments, calendars, tasks, SharePoint files and OneDrive files can all be searched simultaneously – told you it was advanced.

Discovery of those hard to find messages and files has never been easier. For even more advanced searches, the product allows Boolean searching (AND/OR/Include/Does Not Include/ etc.) to help narrow down searches even more granularly, which can be especially useful in HR and compliance-based searches.

Advanced Search filters include:

  • Attachments
  • To / From / CC / BCC
  • Subject
  • Added tags
  • Keywords
  • X-Header Metadata
  • Email Size
  • And more…

Consider the time saved with advanced search, cross-cloud platform tool that looks across multiple systems and product lines in the blink of an eye — and makes recovery of lost or misplaced files fast and easy:

“As a compliance officer, I need to find messages based on a user, keyword, date range or potentially meta data — and I need it now. Advanced search makes this request possible through a flexible user interface that allows the user to fine tune a search for multiple parameters, ensuring quick and accurate results.”


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